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    Silver nitrate

    Product name Silver nitrate
    CAS RN 7761-88-8
    EINECS number 231-853-9
    Molecular formula AgNO3
    Molecular weight 169.8731
    Physicochemical properties Properties Colorless transparent orthorhombic flaky crystal. 
    Melting point 208.6 ° C  
    Relative density 4.35 (19 ° C)  
    Solubility Soluble in water and ammonia, soluble in ether and glycerin, slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol, almost insoluble in concentrated nitric acid. Its aqueous solution is weakly acidic.
    Uses Silver nitrate is a colorless crystal that is easily soluble in water. Pure silver nitrate is stable to light, but due to the insufficient purity of the general product, its aqueous solution and solids are often stored in brown reagent bottles. Used in photographic emulsions, silver plating, mirroring, printing, medicine, dyeing hair, testing chloride ions, bromide ions and iodide ions, etc., also used in the electronics industry.

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