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    About us

    Aiming to establish a century-old enterprise, Jinhai Iodine was founded on May 9, 2008. Ten years of hard work and hard work, under the efforts of a generation of Jinhai Iodine people, Jinhai Iodine has grown into an "iodine" fan in China's chemical industry; Jinhai Iodine (Shandong) New Material Technology Co., LTD., which is controlled by shareholders, has built a full-process service system from raw material production, finishing to sales and service. Jinhai Iodine Chemical (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. has laid out the whole industrial chain product matrix including refined iodine, seaweed iodine, potassium iodide, potassium iodate, sodium iodide, cuprous iodide, sodium alginate, povidone iodine and silver nitrate.

    In "small win in wisdom, big win in virtue; Under the guidance of the "culture", products and integrity have become the cornerstone of Jinhai Iodine's vigorous development; Jinhai Iodine industry took the lead through the "ISO9001:2008 product quality system certification", "ISO9001:2015 product quality system certification"; Obtain "self-operated import and export right" and "hazardous chemical business license"; And won the Ministry of Industry and Commerce issued the "abide by the contract and credit enterprise"!

    "Ten years of gold sea, iodine I lifetime". Deep love for Jinhai Iodine is to continue to provide customers with quality service guarantee; Specialization, humanization, science and technology, and industrialization bring about the role change of Jinhai Iodine from seller to service provider, solving customers' worries with professional accumulation, empowering customers with human charm, promoting industry development with scientific and technological innovation, and establishing competition barriers with industrial layout.

    "Purple gas east to show Jinhai iodine fan, camellia blossom ten years for extraordinary more virtuous." Dry home enterprise service example witness; Control the process of quotation, logistics, tracking and feedback; Expert guidance, elite team wisdom for the future; Imported (Chile, Japan, etc.) quality, real Hui price package you are satisfied!

    "Ten years of tree industry hundred heart, stone flowers often because; All rivers in the sea to be close, iodine drop shuingojin ".