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    Potassium Iodate

    Classification: Halide (Except Chloride)
    Type: Feed Grade Minerals & Trace Elements
    CAS No.: 7758-05-6, 7758-05-6
    Other Names: KIO3
    MF: KIO3
    EINECS No.: 231-831-9
    Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
    Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade
    Purity: 99%min, 99% Min
    Appearance: White or off-white powder/crystalline solid
    Application: Pharmacy/food/feed/chemical, Feed additives
    Brand Name: JIODINE
    Model Number: KIO3-2016-1
    Name: Potassium iodate
    Color: White or off- white
    Grade: Industry/Animal Feed Grade
    Port: Qingdao
    Packing: 25kg/drum

    1. Apperance:White or off- white powder crystal
    2. Assay:99% Min
    3. Usage:
    1).Used as livestock feed additives;
    2).Used in capacity by iodine volume method analysis of titration liquid preparation. 

     Item of analysis  Standard  Result of analysis
     Description  White or off-white powder/ crystalline solid  Conforms
    Loss on Drying% ≤0.5% 0.03%
    I(%)≤ 0.0019% <0.002%
    CLO3(%)≤ 0.01% <0.01%
    SO4(%)≤ Conforms Conforms
    Heavy metal (Pb)(%)≤ <0.001% <0.001%
    PH 5~8 6.0
    As(%)≤ ≤0.0003% <0.0003%
     Assay KIO3≥99.0% 99.5%


    Packaging Shipping
    1.Packing: Usually 25kgs per cardboard drum. 
    2.MOQ: 1 drum/ 25KG
    3.Delivery time: Usually 3-7 days after payment.

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