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    CAS No.: 7553-56-2
    Other Names: iodine crystal
    MF: I2
    Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
    Type: Disinfectant and Preservatives
    Grade Standard: Feed Grade, Food Grade, Medicine Grade, Tech Grade
    Usage: Animal Pharmaceuticals
    Brand Name: JIODINE
    Model Number: I-2016-1
    Purity: 99.5%-100.5%, 99.5%-100.5%
    Name: Iodine
    Appearance: Black-Grey Crystalline or Prill, Black-grey prill or granule
    Color: Black-Grey
    Mol Formula: I
    Useage: Feed additives,dye, iodine solution,test and medications.
    Delivery time: 3-5 Days
    Packing: 500g per bottle; 25kg per Cardboard drum

    1). Used to make pesticide,feed additives,dye, iodine solution,test and medications.
    2). Used to make equivalent  solvent, determine iodine value,the content and calibration of sodium solution concentration.
    3). Used to be disinfectant , photoengraving for good fittings and thinning liquid preparation.

    Item of analysis  Standard  Result of analysis
    Description Dark brown crystal granule Conforms
    Content(%) ≥99.5% 99.5-100.5%
    Loss on Drying(%) ≤1% 0.6%
    Chlorine and bromine content(%) ≤0.01% 0.002%
    Ferrum(%) ≤10ppm ≤10ppm
    Sulfate(%) Conforms Conforms
    Heavy metal(%) ≤10ppm ≤10ppm

    Packaging Shipping
    1.Packing: Usually 25kgs/50Kgs per cardboard drum.
    2.MOQ: 1 drum/ 25KG
    3.Delivery time: Usually 3-7 days after payment.


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